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  • Biblical Adam & Eve wear comfortable over-sized big leaves relaxing on days off in Garden of Eden.
  • Eggs religion pastor preaches Miracle Whip mayonnaise resurrected Humpty Dumpty brand parody religious service.
  • Unbalanced Noah’s ark boat sinks heavier as afraid animals avoid snakes.
  • Noah tells God he forgot extinct wooly mammoths as animals leave ark after biblical flood.
  • Angry Bible’s Noah in rain with animals tells teenage son to bring back borrowed ark.
  • Scratched Noah from Bible flood story tells man animals all came to ark willingly except cats.
  • Woman looks at snow globes filled with plagues of frogs, hail, lice, and locusts sent by God to Pharaoh’s Egypt on Jewish holiday of Passover.
  • God reprimands Noah for building cubicles on ark, not cubits.

  • Jesus can't believe his photo of two fish and 5 loaves of bread got 5000 shares.
  • Jonah uses whale's tongue to take a selfie from instead whale's mouth.
  • The snake in the garden of Eden can't convince his kids to eat an apple.

You searched for: bible