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  • Annoyed snowman dislikes heated hot yoga gym gift certificate present from snowman.
  • Upside down woman in downward dog yoga pose faces happy dog underneath on yoga mat.
  • Balloon yoga teacher tells deflated class not to exhale so deeply.
  • Bats in yoga class stand upright instead of hanging upside down in cave.
  • Confused man wore Star Wars Yoda pants to yoga class.
  • Yoga poses prove difficult for Zombies.
  • Cats perform the upward turning nose yoga pose.
  • Yoga students stand up while looking down at cell phones.
  • Manga tries to develop third eye while meditating but there's no room on his face.
  • Flamingo can bend leg backwards due to yoga.

  • Zen cats want to know what the sound of a hairless cat coughing up a hairball is.

You searched for: yoga