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  • Body builders at gym train for Thanksgiving dinner lifting heavy forks.
  • Telecommuting worker’s home office destroyed by new puppy intern pulling computer cord & making mess.
  • Dog wont roll over for owner teaching trick but rolls back on nasty dead rodent.
  • Girl trained dog to sniff hidden Easter eggs but flaw in the system is he eats them.
  • Woman cleaning dog poo on rug says puppy should be pronounced poopy with a long u.
  • Cat clawing couch wears raincoat to avoid spray bottle discipline.
  • Dog performs internet search on who's a good doggie.
  • Boxer breaks open speed bag containing candy like pinata.

  • Kids practice catching snowflakes on tongue in fall by catching falling leaves.

  • When trying to leave the yard, dog is shocked by sign saying they are getting a cat.
  • A baby gets party training instead of potty training.
  • A new pickpocket tears off a man's entire pocket.

You searched for: training