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  • Peeing skeleton drinking coffee in puddle tells vampire it goes right through it.
  • Depressed wet man sadly walking in storm compared to wilted flower blocked by rain cloud water depicts feeling gloomy emotional sadness.
  • Flattened cartoon Simpsons Homer squished for Jewish holiday matzo bread dough catchphrase.
  • Frustrated cellphone mother’s smartphone kids track dirty mud puddles on clean kitchen floor.
  • Naughty cat on smartphone shows off torn curtains & spilled plants mess in selfie photo.
  • Snowman on laptop genealogy website sees dirty pond, puddle & toilet water DNA search results.

  • Santa Claus’s wife frustrated by husband’s dirty wet footprints says he’s unbelievable.
  • Pet owner sees wet footprints evidence path from empty fish bowl to guilty cat pretending to sleep.
  • Misspelled famous monuments autocorrected to great whale of China, faster running Moai heads, pee leaking tower of Pisa and stoned hen Stonehenge.
  • Onlookers at St Patrick’s Day beer truck accident on highway weep over puddle of spilled beer.
  • Ducklings get excited about a beach day when it rains.
  • Players get wet by using tennis ball soaked with dog saliva.

You searched for: puddle