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  • Office workers in pajamas have trouble readjusting to in person dress codes after remote working from home.
  • Wild leftover pizza animal in office scares employee returning to in-person work.
  • Annoying cat in box keeps poking telecommuting worker’s computer keyboard with paw.
  • Woman with cellphone asks coworker what they did before cubicle GPS while walking through office maze.
  • Office workers relax in cubicle full of kittens for stress relief on Fridays.
  • Office workers relax in cubicle full of puppies for stress relief on Mondays.
  • God reprimands Noah for building cubicles on ark, not cubits.

  • Pandora works in a cubicle of demons.
  • A bee gets a honeycomb cubicle in the corner.
  • Daily calendar Neal hasn't ripped any days off himself since the new year.
  • After Jack and Jill incident, legal comes to address safety issues with water cooler on hill.
  • Appendix hopes no one at work asks him what he does.

You searched for: cubicle