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  • Murphy’s Law creator’s grave says Here Lies Nurphy by mistake.
  • Zombies always wake up with a purpose of finding brains.

  • A man's tombstone says he's one step closer to becoming a zombie.
  • Wife can't find her husband Rip's headstone among all the RIPs.
  • Writer's unedited tombstone is wordy.
  • A grim reaper tells another grim reaper that he's alive to him now.
  • Zombies ride a carnival ride called Spinning in your Grave.
  • A cemetery for chia pets.
  • Zombie's have a ceremony when they break out of the ground.
  • Pillsbury Dough Boys watch a horror movie called Night of the Rising Dough
  • The new Muppet horror movie is called "It's Not Easy Being Gangrene."

You searched for: cemetery