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  • Tattoo artist tells man with shaky tattoo mistake his smartphone was on vibrate.
  • Woman distracted by smartphone emails and social media forgets to check weather on rainy day.
  • Man’s new cellphone autocorrects embarrassing licking Mr. nude foot text.
  • Man on deserted island with woman hopes she’ll swipe right on Tinder online dating app.
  • Woman on phone says plans to watch Netflix TV and chill with Frosty the Snowman.
  • Smartphone asks to open blood pressure health app before presidential votes news.
  • Smartphone at party says it’s tired of hearing about phone’s hang ups.
  • Man tells person locked in metal case their phone has good privacy settings.
  • Cat compared to smartphone wakes sleeping owner, wails music out window, entertains catching bug and is difficult to find.
  • Birdwatcher on smartphone bird translator app reads target approaching as singing birds prepare to poop.
  • Criminal consumers arrested for eating sharing size candy, playing Words With Friends game with strangers, coffee in a tea cup and blowing nose on toilet paper.

  • Firework with smartphone weather app sees sudden 1200 degree heat rise Fourth of July hourly temperature forecast.

You searched for: cell phone