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  • Mad celebrity on cellphone at dinner ironically criticizes bad reviews online then says roast chicken is dried out.
  • Impressed cat tells slow and sleepy sloth it is a big fan.

  • Dogs audience says dog concert performer by piano best at tinkling the ivories.
  • Punxsutawney Phil groundhog on stage realizes he’s self centered so six more weeks of winter.
  • Pizza waiting to sign autographs is disappointed he’s not as famous as pizzeria sign said.
  • Greek Myth characters Sisyphus, Medusa, Atlas and centaur answer what they are listening to on MP3 player headphones.
  • Flute and clarinet gossip about saxophone in sunglasses at the bar’s rumored musical stamina holding a note.
  • Bob Dylan uses an electric powered lawnmower to cut the grass.
  • Rock band’s new song is “time to take a bathroom break.”
  • A Beatles album parody of Beetle Bailey’s comic progression through life and war.
  • Dog band The Doorbells is about to perform to an excited crowd.
  • Iggy Pop can't identify a shirt that is given to him as a Christmas gift.

You searched for: celebrity