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  • Spoof turkeys The Who rock band singer Roger Poultry sings onstage at concert.
  • Foo Fighters spoof angry fluffy cats musicians snarl onstage in aggressive hardcore musical performance.
  • Devil hurts comedian Carrot Top with pitchfork in hell fire punishment but is unsure salad fork torment etiquette.
  • Full positive influence life goals edited to emulate George Harrison musician & humanitarian inspiration.
  • Iphone in bed prefers scroll phone husband’s screen to Brad Pitt picture before sex.
  • Punk rock musician woodchuck performs onstage concert for Groundhog Day fans audience crowd.
  • Thanksgiving leftovers and next course dessert pies bands perform onstage for cheering concert fans.
  • Trick or treater in cellphone costume tells scared man his favorite celebrity is trending on social media.
  • Cat says it got vet shots but hesitant cat believes crazy Garfield tracking chip vaccination lies.
  • Mad celebrity on cellphone at dinner ironically criticizes bad reviews online then says roast chicken is dried out.
  • Impressed cat tells slow and sleepy sloth it is a big fan.

  • Dogs audience says dog concert performer by piano best at tinkling the ivories.

You searched for: celebrity