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  • Customers are arrested for crimes breaking food usage rules in Consumer Reports parody.

  • Mummy is spelled wrong on Coffee Cup.
  • Boy sells lemonade and mosquito sells his blood.
  • Vampires attack the Starship Enterprise and think Spock's blood is the green flavor.
  • The bluebird of hoppiness delivers IPA beer.
  • Mr. Pepper had his medical license revoked for recommending sugary drinks.
  • A woman's tea is green because it's recycled from unfinished cups.
  • To get powdered grape drink mix, you just have to take out the water.
  • Elderly play prune juice pong instead of beer pong at retirement home.
  • Thirsty tiger in desert can only think of finding a water buffalo.
  • Family is concerned about father's excessive milk moustache, beard, and hair.
  • In desert, man pretends to drink beer from an app on his cellphone.

You searched for: beverage