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  • Dr. Seuss tried a lot of failed options before coming up with the Cat in the Hat.
  • A cat breaks its new years resolution by eating a pet bird and may soon eat the pet fish too.
  • A man is tired after painting the door sign for The Department of People Who Have a Certain Degree of Difficulty Putting Their Thoughts Into Brief, Concise, and Unrambling Language.
  • A candlemaker is trapped in a tub in the ocean with a butcher and a baker, who conspire to eat him.
  • A lumberjack gives trees a stressful test to pressure-treat them.
  • A new mom ink bottle can't tell if her kid is a girl or a boy, but she has an inkling.
  • A woman checks the dictionary for spelling, but thinks she spelled words upside-down because she's holding the dictionary upside-down.
  • Man holding pen wants autograph from tough-looking guy because they made a movie about him for mauling 2 dozen people with a writing instrument.
  • Man tells friend, "It's not easy being married to a proofreader," and she is correcting words in his cartoon bubble.
  • A pen will get in trouble for leaking ink on someone's pocket instead of on paper.

  • A tissue box says he's ashamed of his job, but he's talking to toilet paper.

  • Long bangs blinded scientist writes big bang theory equations on wall as hair covers eyes.

You searched for: writing