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  • For Take Your Child To Work Day artist Mark Parisi shares portrait drawn by his daughter.
  • Giraffes becomes annoyed with antelope because he drink his coffee quickly.
  • Bird wonders who is stealing his lunch.
  • Ed stopped using speakerphone after being misheard by colleagues.
  • Harold regrets scheduling his surgery on take-your-child-to-work-day.
  • Brad's misspelling of dollar in The Duller Store sign lost him his job.

  • Teacher is impressed when the smart board reads her mind about wanting to go home and relax.
  • Boss asks bat where he hears himself in five years.

  • Right-handed store opens up next to left-handed store.
  • After unproductive day of brainstorming, coworkers head to bar to excessively drink to bladderstorm.

  • Shark will one day smash glass ceiling of glassbottom boat.
  • Whales at the workplace snack on whale holes.

You searched for: workplace