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  • A Hindu god says she's a people person when she applies for a job.
  • Knights have to defend themselves without armor on Casual Friday.

  • A dog chases a cat, who's chasing a mouse and feels annoyed he's stuck in middle management.
  • A woman's resume lists her developmental achievements from when she was a baby.
  • A man works like there's no tomorrow making signs that say The End is Near.
  • A mechanic is excited to have a car part because he used to be an actor.
  • On Christmas Eve, a creature stirs in a factory.
  • A man tries to be a successful salesman by noting that he and his client both had hemorrhoids.
  • A man tells his secretary to leave his little brother a memo that says "did too."
  • A sausage company hires a pig because he's got guts.
  • Porky Pig becomes homeless after taking speech therapy.
  • A dog tells his secretary he's too busy for a bath today.

You searched for: work