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  • The Big Bad Wolf tries to hack but has no luck.
  • The Big Bad Wolf uses rap music to scare the three little pigs.
  • The three little pigs and little red riding hood merge companies and have to fire one of their big bad wolves.
  • Wolves decide to buy a house because it smells like a grandmother.
  • The big bad wolf's wife yells at him for not chewing his food after Little Red Riding Hood's mother survives him eating her.
  • The Big Bad Wolf gets liposuction and the three little pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, and a grandmother come out of his stomach.
  • Little Bo Peep searches for sheep online.

  • A schoolteacher for a class of animals passes a troublemaking buck because she doesn't want to deal with him two years in a row.
  • The Big Bad Wolf breaks his natural diet when he eats Little Red Riding Hood's grandma.
  • The Big Bad Wolf decides to retire when the Three Little Pigs move to a house made of fruitcake.
  • The big bad wolf realizes he was raised by wolves.
  • The big bad wolf succumbs to the stress of working two jobs.

You searched for: wolf