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  • A spider wants to link his web site with another spider to increase their traffic.
  • The Girl Scout website wants to put a cookie on a woman's computer.
  • A king has trouble choosing a name for his domain because they're already taken.
  • Ali Baba tries to open the cave of the 40 Thieves, but someone has hacked into it with a pickaxe.
  • A demon's access to heaven online is denied.
  • George Washington confesses to downloading pictures from
  • Mall stores now change color once you've visited them, like websites.
  • A website designer has trouble putting a picture of a band online because they're too fat for his bandwidth.
  • Little Bo Peep searches for sheep online.

  • A website is worried a man doesn't care about her.
  • The Cookie Monster is excited when the Keebler website puts a cookie on his hard drive.
  • A mouse kid builds a mousetrap based on plans from the internet.

You searched for: website