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  • Earth in bed at night urgently wakes to urinate as orbiting moon pulls tides.
  • Snowman on laptop genealogy website sees dirty pond, puddle & toilet water DNA search results.

  • Naughty cats destroy house but win newspaper best behaved cat award.
  • Annoyed buffalo drinking water at bar tired of driving drunk beer buffalos.
  • Witch moms having coffee watch witch girls playing floor is water game jump on living room furniture.
  • Grossed out bird tells bird drinking from birdbath it just took a bath in water.
  • Pet owner sees wet footprints evidence path from empty fish bowl to guilty cat pretending to sleep.
  • Upset Loch Ness Monster’s home ransacked by robbers because lockless door unlocked.
  • Woman gardening is disappointed talking forget me not flowers can’t remember her name.
  • Jellyfish tells jellyfish with short and long tentacles it’s time to rethink mullet hairstyle.
  • Asterisk fish annoys starfish by butting into private conversation.
  • Cats at healthclub run on treadmills with laser pointers chasing red light dots on wall.

You searched for: water