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  • Three people in ocean, two skinny, one in middle is fat, and two sharks decide they will each get more by taking out the middleman.
  • One sauce pan tells another pot after hitting the teakettle that it will be the last time he whistles at her.
  • Electric eel leaves repair shop at bottom of ocean that specializes in replacing shocks, and his electric shocks are much better.
  • Fish phones Ace Home Services saying he asked for a mermaid, not merbutler while butler with a fish tail swims in front of him.
  • Fish watches fish salesman swim away, thinking to himself that he was a great salesman because he bought several boxes of moisturizing lotion.
  • Fish upset because camera isn't working, missed another photo opportunity, there's fish in front of him with hook on both sides of stretched out mouth.
  • Fish in traffic helicopter says there is major tie-up in Red Sea because guy is holding stick, sea is parted, implying that man is Moses.
  • Swim instructor at Wicked Witch Swimming Lessons thinks lesson isn't going good because witches in pool are melting.
  • One fish tells another it was a real swift move to buy a dehumidifier because their fishbowl is almost empty.
  • Two men fishing in boat, one drinking beer says he's been coming there for years, fishing is getting worse, under water is pile of cans.
  • Even manure factory workers must wash hands before returning to work.

  • Colleagues doubt scientist's claim of discovering 2-headed squid since it's 2 squids and a belt.

You searched for: water