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  • A man catches a fish at a bad time.

  • Alligators try to trick people on a boat tour into putting their hands outside the boat.
  • Turtles look for new places to live, but all the good ones are on a golf course.
  • A truck sunk in the ocean has a How's My Driving bumper sticker.
  • Mice use a cat's water bowl as a swimming pool.
  • Piranhas break into a crate of Head and Shoulders and are disappointed that it's just shampoo.
  • Dishes in a dishwasher want to know if they can borrow a rubber duckie.
  • Fish in a tank realize they've all been abducted.
  • A squid bride tells her husband-to-be that it's too late to be getting cold tentacles.
  • A swimmer with a bite out of his butt returns a container of shark repellent.
  • Fish playing hockey get trapped in their own goal.
  • A fish's wife's doctor announces his kid is a boy'and a girl'and a boy'and a girl'et cetera.

You searched for: water