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  • Frankenstein is surprised a hat can bring life to something watching Frosty the Snowman.
  • Chopped host Ted Allen is turkey's anti-hero.

  • Researchers observe which wines the turkey likes best.

  • Dog wears thunder shirt to calm storm anxiety while man wears election shirt to calm election anxiety.

  • Godzilla kid sorts his Halloween treats into cars, buildings, and people.

  • Cat's behaviors of catching mouse are akin to technology and apps.

  • Shark will one day smash glass ceiling of glassbottom boat.
  • Potatohead parents put on more eyes so that they can watch daughter with boyfriend.
  • Superfish flies out of the water up onto land.
  • Cat and bird realize they are watching each other take baths.

  • The real reason flies bump into windows is that they are looking down at their phones.
  • Lions decide to attack zebra with horizontal stripes because he looks fatter.

You searched for: watch