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  • Snowman sees sunny weather forecast on smartphone app and thinks he’ll go down a size tomorrow.
  • Leafless winter tree sleeping on cold snowy night dreams it is a palm on a sunny tropical island.
  • Small doll in Russian matryoshka tells other nesting doll to dress in layers when it’s cold.
  • Turkey with cellphone weather app thinks 350 degree Thursday forecast can’t be right.
  • Sad snowman reads newspaper obituaries of snowmen that melted on a beautiful sunny day.
  • Socks are convinced system is rigged when stockings get warm place by fire.
  • Mosquitos wait in line to enter all you can eat buffet tent to bite sleeping camper.
  • During snowy winter, tree looks forward to warmth of dog peeing on it.
  • Snowman test to see if melting snowman has a fevor.

  • The three bears are the first to have inconsistent results from using microwave over.
  • Therapist is impressed gloves stayed together for the entire season.
  • Cat selfishly sleeps on head of feverish cat.

You searched for: warm