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  • Cupid launches arrows drone strike making people fall in love on Valentine’s Day.
  • Weed army plots lawn invasion with backyard battlefield model.
  • Father tells mom that he only lets daughter play video games with wholesome names like violent military and alien shooter POV Halo.
  • A Beatles album parody of Beetle Bailey’s comic progression through life and war.
  • Teeth mistakenly let a Trojan pinatas inside.
  • Man finds it preferable to hide under the Bed with a Monster than listen to the News.
  • Snowmen and slugs are being attacked by salt shakers.

  • Mark's family supplies the cartoon ideas for Father's Day.
  • Dogs trying to destroy the vacuum bite the cord to see what happens.
  • A man plays a game of risk and tells his girlfriend he thinks her sister is hot.
  • Soldier cats try to shoot a laser pointer's dot, but they can't destroy it.

You searched for: war