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  • Soldier gives away his position inside Trojan horse.
  • Sweatera tries to fend off holes inflicted by Mothra in brief battle.
  • Soldiers are dizzy coming out of rocking Trojan horse.
  • Builders mistakenly build Trojan Man instead of Trojan Horse.
  • Snowman dad doesn't realize he's about to throw snow kid's head in snowball fight.
  • Grecian formula produces hair in shape of ancient warrior's helmet.
  • In addition to oil, warriors use solar power to burn offenders.
  • Children invoke a real war with thumbs when playing Thumb War.
  • Hiding Easter eggs are betrayed not by Benedict Arnold, but by Eggs Benedict.
  • The clash of the titans is due to mismatched clothes.
  • Trojan horse hatch is right under the tail and soldier wonders if location can change.

  • Trojans sneak out of the wooden horse at night to use the men's room.

You searched for: war