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  • Sad bookmarks at bar complain their good relationships are always the shortest.
  • Woman adopting pet from animal shelter is asked if wants to be loved unconditionally or ironically by friendly excited or cool aloof dogs in kennel.
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur couple wears arm extensions to hug each other on Valentine’s Day.
  • Origin of hibernation is bear husband pretending to sleep when wife asks what its Valentine’s Day present is.
  • Dog’s secret admirer dumped garbage can out on doorstep for Valentine’s Day.
  • Smartphone tells date they want to remember this moment but will need to delete another first.
  • Lonely man sitting on couch with cat asks if it loves him and it jumps up leaving a valentine heart of shed hair on his shirt.
  • Man gives wife a bouquet of coffee cups for Valentine’s Day.
  • Heart dies after having an arrow shot through it.
  • Couples fight because Cupid decides to play video games instead of shoot arrows.
  • Researcher tests effectiveness of crush with crash test dummy.

  • Superman uses his x-ray vision to pick all the caramels out of the candy box.

You searched for: valentine