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  • The element of surprise is added to the Periodic Table of the Elements.
  • The pipe snake was invented when a snake went into the wrong bathroom at school.
  • Superman uses his X-Ray vision to look into the sorority house across the street.
  • A boy's dog ate his homework for Nutrition class.
  • Puppies are alarmed to realize that there are bones inside their bodies.
  • Mr. Potatohead passes out drunk at Idaho University and his friends rearrange his body parts.
  • Famous art pieces are liberals.
  • Bacteria do word problems in school.
  • A man makes a new year's resolution to give his housework a college try.
  • The easy computer programming book is 101, but the advanced computer programming book is a long string of zeroes and ones.
  • Woodstock from Peanuts goes to a computer class and comes out thinking in binary.

  • A horse gets arrested for drunk driving because his buddies lead him to a watering hole but didn't make him drink.

You searched for: university