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  • A fish encourages another fish to get on a hook because body piercing is chic.
  • People work out in preparation for Thanksgiving, while a turkey tries to be too skinny to be killed.
  • A cat knocks over a vase so it can steal a bite of its owner's turkey.
  • Birds eating roadkill say grace.
  • Two dinosaurs sit down for a meal of couch potatoes on their plates, which happen to be actual people laying on couches.
  • Sick turkey visits the doctor feeling stuffed up and wondering if it's going to get worse, while the doctor grabs box of stuffing.
  • Man preparing to kill turkey for Thanksgiving yells at turkey to come back, he can't fly, but turkey has lots of incentive to fly away.
  • Two coworkers gain weight over the Thanksgiving holiday.

  • A tissue box says he's ashamed of his job, but he's talking to toilet paper.

  • Angry man tells dog eating his dinner on table it meant he could lick the plate after he was done.

You searched for: thanksgiving