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  • Police mistake Popeye's spinach for marijuana.
  • A doctor approaches a patient with a spiky tool to give him wounds to test Band-Aids on.
  • Surgeons check to see if people with cold hands have warm hearts.
  • A guinea pig mom makes new dishes for her family to try.
  • Shoes that are alligators are a bad idea.
  • People crash testing a car have a crash test bug fly into the windshield.

  • The boss of a laxative company reminds his employees that anyone questioning his authority will become a product tester.
  • Man in shower wonders about the last time the water was tested for lead because he has several pencils stuck in his face.
  • Doctor offers patient business card for a knee surgeon, who happens to be the doctor's brother, before he tests the patient's reflexes with a mallet.
  • Doctor tells patient according to tests, his diet is butterflies, bees, horseflies, and dragonflies, while patient makes mental note close mouth when riding bike.
  • Dereck takes quick thinking test at job interview, employer tells him to answer quick, asks if he would sucker punch him, Dereck says yes.

You searched for: test