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  • Dentist tells Dracula he wouldn't have to drill if the vampire would stop dating women with high blood sugar.
  • Family see a bear, man smiles and looks friendly so bear will go after others, but bear thinks he is bearing his teeth and decides to eat him.
  • Dentist, while tossing away small frames, tells patient the situation is bad because the germs have set up offices with diplomas, certificates, and wall hangings.
  • Dentist has patient's tooth tied to a doorknob with string and tells her the tooth is fine, but the knob needs replacing.
  • Scuba diver swims above shark, and shark doesn't eat him because he just flossed his teeth.
  • Woman living with tooth fairy, surrounded by teeth, says it was fascinating first, but he doesn't clean up, he's out all night and dresses funny.
  • One toothbrush tells another he had same bad dream of being dragged around smelly cave and waking up soaking wet.
  • Man thinks about date, he complimented service, asked for another date, showed her food on his dental floss, wonders why she got sick and left.
  • Dentist tells patient he has to remove 3 teeth, they can take care of it without making another appointment, dentist takes boxing gloves from nurse.
  • Attorney tells Tooth Fairy 37 years ago, he neglected client's tooth, they ask for 25 cents plus compounded monthly interest and pain, suffering, mental anguish.
  • Clyde meets death in the bathroom and they brush teeth together.

  • Scientists make a pit bull tree that can defend itself in the rain forest.

You searched for: teeth