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  • Planets get piercings with rings.
  • A girl pretends to be practicing by playing music on her computer.
  • A man wants to have his house toilet papered, because he ran out.
  • A bat improves his ear-wing coordination by playing video games.
  • Parental controls on a computer tells the user what to do.
  • Rudolph gives his girlfriend glowing hickeys.
  • A vandal realizes that he made a typo after he spray painted it.
  • A young mummy tries to leave the tomb not fully dressed.
  • Frankenstein doesn't understand the current fashion to have bolts all over your head.
  • The cartoon diagrams the anatomy of the teenage brain.

  • A bee always gets a buzz cut at the barber.
  • A whale pops its barnacles before a date.

You searched for: teenager