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  • Student tells class the fact that she didn't finish her report on "Rationalizing Your Way Out of Responsibilities" shows how good it was coming out.
  • Shortcut Driving School instructor tells student, "Excellent!" when student drives through fence into a yard as a shortcut.
  • Ski instructor tells student with a large butt that he's doing fine, but needs to learn to shift his weight to front of the skis.
  • Student realizes she doesn't have her homework, but her dad's policital campaign speech, while Dad gives speech talking about liking Mommy and being pretty in dresses.
  • French teacher tells student, who visited France, four years in class must have helped, she agrees because she could say, "I don't understand French," in French.
  • Ski instructor stuck in large pile of snow tells student now that she's mastered the snowplow, they can move onto something else.
  • Boy's marine biology homework eats his dog.

  • A student in a philosophy class accidentally brings Play-Dough instead of Plato.

You searched for: student