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  • Spiders get a Larvae Lamp, because its full of baby fireflies.
  • Animals in the rain forest evolved to have umbrellas over their heads.
  • A spider has mesquite grilled mosquitoes for dinner.
  • Spiderman uses his spidey scents to deal with criminals at the end of the day.
  • Spider parties have caterpillar cocoons as pi'atas.

  • A spider rescue crew is needed at the waterspout.
  • A fly wears boots made of Teflon so he doesn't stick to the spider's web.
  • Humpty Dumpty gets an IV full of egg whites.
  • A spider wants to link his web site with another spider to increase their traffic.
  • A spider uses a caterpillar as a sectional.
  • A spider doesn't like having to wash insecticide and peel stickers off fruitflies.
  • A fly bypasses lots of threats and obstacles to get to a stress reduction seminar.

You searched for: spider