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  • A man gets contact lenses that darken in the sunlight.
  • Marge Simpson's ultrasound shows Lisa with a spiky head.
  • A cat sees the world as a series of beds.
  • A cat wearing a cone after surgery has mice making fun of it where it can't see.
  • Dogs draw a cat face on another dog's cone.
  • The groundhog has a frightening shadow.
  • A doctor gets an eye test using a chart with bad handwriting.
  • Santa goes to his therapist and says he sees naughty people.
  • A teenage present tries to leave the house in see-through wrapping paper.
  • A man draws glasses on paintings because he was supposed to add frames.
  • Mr. Potatohead wears his wife's eyes to get her perspective.

  • Santa puts his GPS on Dasher.

You searched for: see