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  • Patient at optometrist keeps saying things look worse while looking at the news feed on their smartphone.
  • A dog balloon cannot tell if there is food in his bowl because he eats air.
  • Witch checks Eyes of Newts.
  • Ladybug realizes why she loses staring contest to butterfly.
  • In a deadly accident, Hermann Rorschach's body becomes a Rorschach test.
  • Researcher asks scientist looking into microscope what's the matter.
  • Dogs see fireworks during kiss which scares them to hide under the couch.
  • Cat owner sees a cat carrier, cat sees a monster's mouth.
  • Mr. Potatohead must hold eyeballs closer to tv to see because he refuses to get glasses.
  • Lorenzo the mime was excited to receive many invisible boxes at Christmas.
  • Invisible when flashes click, Dracula better tag himself in photo to prove he's in it.

  • Dogs exhibit tech behaviors with Facetime, instant messaging, streaming, and service providers.

You searched for: see