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  • A nearsighted cave man doesn't run away from a dinosaur because he can't tell what it is.
  • An ophthalmologist's assistant finds a box of smiling Irish eyes in the supply room.
  • People look down from a skyscraper and think everyone down below looks like an aunt.
  • Ivan goes to Rottweiler house for party because he can't see through cat costume.
  • When fog gets too thick, a pilot relies on his musical instruments.
  • People in the front of a car scream because Godzilla is going to eat it, but the person in the back seat can't see what's happening.
  • Bats go to a faith healer to become blind again.
  • Man learns not to handle contacts after eating pistachios because his fingers turned pink, now everything looks pink, including walls, shirt, tie, and face.
  • Sock at Missing Persons Etc. reporting mate missing, describes him as her size with stripes like her, says she last saw him in rinse cycle.
  • Edgar the capital E lies on beach chair, postal worker delivers royalty check because Edgar posed for the top of the eye chart.
  • A tissue box says he's ashamed of his job, but he's talking to toilet paper.

  • Long bangs blinded scientist writes big bang theory equations on wall as hair covers eyes.

You searched for: see