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  • Moe pokes the Pillsbury Dough Boy in the eye out of habit.
  • The three blind mice go to a weight loss clinic to quickly lose pounds off their butts.
  • A man is disgusted by what he sees on his TV, and his TV is disgusted by how he looks.
  • An optometrist has a mother's day special for the eyes in the back of your head.
  • The cartoon lists car features that would be really helpful.
  • People crawl around the floor of a contact lens factory looking for the lenses.
  • Cyclops pirates are blind because they have eyepatches over their lone eyes.
  • A dad tells his daughter to sit farther back from the TV while he's close to his computer screen.

  • Mr. Potato Head keeps a "close eye" on his wife's love affair by leaving one of his eyes on the table to see if she's cheating.
  • Famous cartoon characters are in an eye hospital because of their distorted faces.
  • A nearsighted cave man doesn't run away from a dinosaur because he can't tell what it is.
  • An ophthalmologist's assistant finds a box of smiling Irish eyes in the supply room.

You searched for: see