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  • Leafless winter tree sleeping on cold snowy night dreams it is a palm on a sunny tropical island.
  • Snowman on laptop sees snow removal website ad and wonders if its relationship is in trouble.
  • Small doll in Russian matryoshka tells other nesting doll to dress in layers when it’s cold.

  • Red and yellow leaves arguing in bed have both changed since beginning their relationship green.
  • Dissolving lemon drops in Ted's pocket turn water yellow, making it look like he peed in the pool.
  • Man uses a sand detector in a pile of trash at the beach to look for sand.
  • Exhausted robin in bathrobe drinking coffee is late for spring migration.
  • Parents think son was nice to help little brother with snowman but its scary shadow is keeping him awake.
  • Robot on ice skating rink makes figure eight in computer binary code.
  • Dogs laugh at embarrassed dog in sweater walking on leash but shiver freezing cold after he is gone.
  • Origin of hibernation is bear husband pretending to sleep when wife asks what its Valentine’s Day present is.
  • Groundhogs in cinema are scared by film projector casting their shadows on screen.

You searched for: season