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You searched for: scavengers

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  • Crow in tree eating bag of road kill asks snobby crow eating boulevard kill when it got hoity toity.
  • Scavenger crow asks other bird if it wants curbside pick-up by flattened animal hit by car.
  • Crow flying over squished snake roadkill invites other crow on a long lunch.
  • A discarded box of donuts tempts birds into eating it.

  • A fly says he liked a piece of roadkill more before it got popular.
  • A bear has a search warrant to enter a camping tent.
  • It's like a reverse thanksgiving for this turkey vulture when it finds its mean.
  • A mysterious creature once lived in the floor of movie theaters and ate black jujubes.
  • Birds eating roadkill say grace.
  • Two vultures think a man bungee jumping is teasing them.
  • A man pays for his food with money from a fountain.
  • A crow reviews a restaurant that serves roadkill.

You searched for: scavengers