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  • A knight asks his enemy to spare him, but the enemy spears him instead.
  • Santa gets trapped in his sleigh, but rescue workers get him out with the Claus of Life.
  • A chiropractor goes to space to fix Atlas' back and save the Earth.
  • Fish hold fishermen's beers hostage until the fishermen release their peers.
  • Lifesavers take an ant's life.
  • Rabbits tell a suicidal rabbit at the top of a building to hop.
  • A man sells his stocks in a company getting eaten by Godzilla.
  • Pigs see another pig on a table with an apple in his mouth.
  • Scientists make a pit bull tree that can defend itself in the rain forest.

  • Aliens shaped like the handicap symbol think Earthlings are saving them the best parking spaces.

You searched for: save