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  • A teen laptop's dad tells her she can't go out with her easy password.
  • The grim reaper nearly kills the wrong person because he's distracted by his phone.
  • A woman feels insecure when airport security laughs at the x-ray of her luggage.
  • A turtle dad borrows his son's shell to use as a bike helmet.
  • Both the three bears and Goldilocks change their locks.
  • A snowflake's fortune cookie says it has a 30% chance of falling today.
  • Instead of walking the tight rope or slack line, a man walks on a loose rope.
  • A fish goes for the "dangerous type": a fishing lure.
  • At the snowman circus, a knife thrower throws carrot peelers at a volunteer.
  • A man thinks that his mosquito net is working, but then realizes it's a spider web.
  • A man gets bitten by a dog, but it's a vampire dog.

  • A vampire drinks too many drunk people's blood and another vampire says he needs a designated driver.

You searched for: safety