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  • Zebra announces his trip to the watering hole on social media.
  • Cat's behaviors of catching mouse are akin to technology and apps.

  • Zebra colors himself in as a stress reliever.
  • Researchers try to trap a tiger, but the tiger plays in the trap's box instead.
  • A man thinks that his mosquito net is working, but then realizes it's a spider web.
  • Bats wearing mosquito nets in jungle can't catch mosquitoes to eat.
  • A man tweets as multiple jungle animals attack him.
  • Person in giraffe's neck gives away that he's gone off vegetarian diet.
  • Researcher needs expedited shipment of tranquilizer darts as tiger approaches now.
  • Explorers distracted by water buffalo overlook air buffalo above them.
  • Chimpanzees display humor by playing practical joke on Jane Goodall.
  • Researchers in the bush find both an anteater and its rare relative the antdrinker.

You searched for: safari