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  • A woman's online lover accidentally wrote someone else's username.
  • Dorothy gets tired of being single and grabs the scarecrow's butt.

  • A woman gets her boyfriend's machine whenever she calls, so she goes on a date with it.
  • Robin thinks Batman has been out to see Catwoman because he's covered in hair.
  • A cat tells her frisky boyfriend that he needs to wear a flea collar for protection during sexual intercourse.
  • A man types 'Nice to meet you' in the air while trying to talk to a girl at a bar.
  • A praying mantis complains that his girlfriend only ate him halfway.
  • Frankenstein leaves the lab and two pairs of eyes meet and fall in love.
  • A stork has trouble proposing because his knees bend the wrong way.
  • A man has been saving his spit in a jar for a week so he can swap it with his girlfriend.
  • A man, a woman, and a dog remember their first loves.
  • A man and a woman having an office romance try to hide the alien thing between them.

You searched for: romance