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  • R2D2 and C3P-0 hit on some female robots, but they say they aren't the droids they're looking for.
  • Santa gets drones to deliver Christmas presents, but they don't work very well.
  • A robot pretends to be smart and another robot says it's artificial intelligence.
  • C3P0 can't read his doctor's note.
  • The cartoonist lets his family come up with ideas for his father's day cartoon.
  • A robot calls his mom and she hangs up on him because she doesn't want robocalls.
  • Beaker, the roadrunner, and R2D2 get run over because no one can hear them over the beeping of a reversing truck.

  • Two people ignore an elephant in their robot vacuum.
  • Songs Grampa Simpson, Brian, Bender, and Cartman are listening to.
  • Flight attendant asks passenger to turn off electronic robot.
  • R2D2 often fights with sibling named Am Not D2.
  • Luke Skywalker mistakenly uses lightsaber under his chin while telling ghost stories.

You searched for: robot