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  • Grouchy cat boss knocks telecommuting owner’s paperwork off desk in harsh performance review.
  • Daisy with smartphone is bored with sunny photosynthesis food photos posted on Facebook.
  • Man shopping online on razors website grows long shaggy beard comparing too many reviews and options.
  • Fly in venus flytrap plant says to other trapped insect it has doubts about this Airbnb.
  • Mosquitos see five-star Yelp restaurant review website for man with bug bites on laptop computer.
  • Scientist reads bad one star review of confusing maze experiment posted online by lab mouse with smartphone.
  • Santa using laptop rates kids’ cookies online from one to five stars.
  • Cat reads five star review online for food liked for three whole days.
  • Sea turtle sees a five starfish place to eat.
  • Bird rates feeder 3.5 stars for poor ambiance from cats watching from a window.
  • Boss asks bat where he hears himself in five years.

  • Dog versions of social networking websites.

You searched for: reviews