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  • Boss is angry at chef because there's no white meat, and tells her she'd better think of something, while there is bottle of bleach on shelf.
  • Wife asks husband why he ordered the biggest burger if he's not very hungry, and menu offers baby, girly, wimp, wussy, and humongous burgers.
  • Cars driving on interstate with a sign that shows "Food This Exit", not realizing the exit leads straight to dinner table of dinosaur.
  • Robot tells waitress she doesn't want anymore coffee because she is already wired.
  • Man in Chinese restaurant reads fortune cookie that says something is coming his way, just as tray of food is about to spill on him.
  • Restaurant for birds in a tree called Homestyle Restaurant, sign boasts that food is just like mothers used to regurgitate.
  • Two felines dining out in restaurant, one cat is embarrassed because he laughed and food came out his nose, mouse is hanging out of nose.

  • Man with big ego tells woman after a few dates, she will find him absolutely super, while she is thinking superficial.
  • Two cats on date, one cat thinks the other is embarrassing because he ordered white wine with gerbils.
  • Man thinks about date, he complimented service, asked for another date, showed her food on his dental floss, wonders why she got sick and left.
  • Cat dining in restaurant orders Christmas special, four calling birds, three French hens, two turtle doves, and a partridge, but hold the pear tree.
  • Dogs ask home owner where they are moving with their trash cans.

You searched for: restaurants