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  • Man in museum turns away to read a sign next to a fertility goddess statue and when he looks back it’s surrounded by baby figures.
  • Angels playing baseball wonder if a ball caught in halo counts as out.
  • Rock teaches pebbles real David and Goliath story.
  • Locusts surf over a swarming crowd.
  • Angel's halos keep mosquitoes away.
  • Rather than praying, praying mantis prefers the non-denominational sending-positive-vibes mantis.
  • Horses dressed as unicorns try to sneak onto Noah's ark as a unique pair.
  • Dog preacher promises that with good behavior they will meet their god Oscar the Grouch.
  • Angel discovers halos above head are actually spy drones.
  • Magazine compares fig leaf wearing of Eve and Fig Tree.

  • Devil discovers that his misshapen pitchfork is not dishwasher safe.

  • God creates Bart Simpson by using pinking shears to cut his hair.

You searched for: religion