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  • Suspicious guard suspects relatives inside wooden Thanksgiving Trojan turkey sneaking in gate.
  • Father at hospital babies nursery with r crying infant asks pirate which child is his.
  • Star Wars film droid C-3PO embarrassed by smelly fart relative C-3PU’s gross bathroom poop stink.
  • Gross adult gardening greenhouse says pull my finger to kid glasshouse, farts first CO2 air pollution gases.
  • Worried family thinks Thanksgiving thoughts about enough food, washing dishes, political fights & sneaking pie.
  • Nephew thinks Thanksgiving dinner guest uncle shaking hand has sweaty palms.
  • Hungry Mr. Potatohead getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner changes into larger mouth.
  • Misspelled Thanksgiving texts autocorrected bread stuffing staffing, turkey gobble Google, cranberry sauce saw & underwear gift thongs giving.
  • Impressed balloon grandkids grandmother lives life of needlepoint danger.
  • Alexa virtual assistant device on laptop sees the Clapper family search result.
  • Snowman on laptop genealogy website sees dirty pond, puddle & toilet water DNA search results.

  • Sleeping man dreams friends & family at funeral view his private Google internet search histories.

You searched for: relative