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You searched for: regret

  • Man kept awake by loud partying lawn outside window has second thoughts about planting Mardi Grass.
  • Hot dog, catsup, burger and mustard all feel they’ve made a terrible mistake with who they’re dating.
  • Stale doughnuts on park bench watching young ones play discuss old age.
  • Fat witch regrets eating a whole gingerbread house.
  • Cat couple partying on catnip has morning after regrets.
  • Harold regrets scheduling his surgery on take-your-child-to-work-day.
  • Turtle regrets getting a laptop because it's so uncomfortable for him to use not having a lap.
  • Nutcracker doesn't take advice to stick to nuts and breaks mouth on fruitcake.
  • Turkey regrets his dotted line neck tattoo when farmer approaches with ax.

  • Humpty Dumpty regretted listening to his deviled egg conscience when jumping off the wall.
  • Man reprimands piñata for leaving candy on carpet.

  • St Patrick wishes he had driven mosquitoes out of Ireland instead of snakes.

You searched for: regret