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  • Two executives from the CD company are in court to try to stop pirating.
  • Humpty Dumpty breaks one of his Pink Floyd CDs.
  • The old lady who lived in a shoe doesn't worry about IRS audits because she keeps her receipts in a shoe box.
  • Snake sound technicians have trouble recording a song because the digital technology takes out the hiss.
  • A smeared political candidate says he's the victim of a smear campaign.
  • The Devil bargains with a man at a yard sale for his soul records.
  • The Beatles get run over on Abbey Road.
  • A cat listens to a record of can openers from around the world.
  • After being booted out of the Beatles, drummer Pete Best tries to market a solo album, "Aargh! Darn it! Darn it all!"
  • A kid goes to a store for a free ear piercing, so the cashier plays a Yoko Ono CD.

  • A musician picks song lyrics with words that used to be swears a few years ago.
  • A corpse can't be identified, so police look at his LPs about teeth.

You searched for: record