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  • Alfred Hitchcock works on Sesame Street and remakes The Birds with Big Bird.
  • A company's CEO says they have some dead wood, scaring Pinocchio.
  • Doctors use puppets to scare a woman giving birth on April Fools.
  • Pinocchio searches for his roots, but they turn out to be the stump he's sitting on.
  • The Cookie Monster is excited when the Keebler website puts a cookie on his hard drive.
  • Lambchop's siblings are socks.
  • A beaver eats Pinocchio and is glad because he came with toothpicks.
  • Pinocchio falls in love with a tree.
  • Cookie Monster goes on the Cookie Patch to control his addiction.
  • Pinocchio goes shopping for paint to cover his bald spot.
  • Oscar the Grouch dies because he fell asleep in the recycling bin.

  • Pinocchio runs into Woody Woodpecker.

You searched for: puppet