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  • Crab's therapist advises to move forward even though crabs move sideways.
  • Borders of cartoon are paranoid and exhibit borderline personality disorder.
  • Therapist explains to patient that the plastic comes off couch for important patients.
  • Therapist falls asleep while patient describes long dream.
  • Dan's OCD prompts him to countdown three hours early to the new year.
  • Bowling ball therapist hopes to take care of bowling pins that are split.
  • Bird husband wants to mate for life but with multiple females.
  • Fourth of July fireworks trigger Wile E. Coyote's memories of dynamite explosions.
  • While being pinned by gazelle, jaguar asks therapist to move up session.
  • Dog takes inkblot test and all look like food.
  • Doctor thinks baby looks like a cross between an alien and an ant while using a Rorschach inkblot ultrasound test.

  • Hockey player talks to therapist in penalty box during his five minutes.

You searched for: psychology