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  • On trial, the defendant vampire is questioned by lawyer during trial.
  • Scientist testifying in court denies cloning reality tv to lawyer and judge.
  • A plastic surgeon raises suspicion of jury tampering because of the large number of breast enlargements.
  • A pig on trial confesses in court in that he brought home the bacon.
  • Gravy is on judicial trial accused of trying to smother a turkey.

  • Man in court has been granted immunity to a disease.
  • A fur covered Goldilocks tells judge at trial there is no evidence she was in home of the 3 bears.
  • A judge rules someone is out of bounds, while watching the football game.
  • Mr. Potatohead goes to trial for murder.
  • An expert says that the handwriting looks like that of a doctor in court.
  • Adam is in court being charged with nepotism.
  • Mother Nature is in court, suing for parent infringement.

You searched for: prosecute