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  • White Rabbit finds out his wife is pregnant by her response to "I'm late."
  • Doctor presents baby house as a new addition to house parents.
  • Doctors were wrong about patient's cyst and discovered a baby instead.
  • A magic hat's ultrasound reveals she is pregnant with a rabbit.
  • Parents do not know daughter is referring to school play when she says she will be a mother.
  • Pregnant woman's baby's kicks are so strong they bring men to their knees.
  • Doctor thinks baby looks like a cross between an alien and an ant while using a Rorschach inkblot ultrasound test.

  • Man wrongly asks woman when she's expecting and tries to save it by insulting clothes instead.
  • Woman gives birth to lose weight in reality show competition.
  • Puppet in hospital is congratulated by Muppet doctor for giving birth to boy hand.
  • Reindeer mistake Rudolph's red nose for a pregnancy glow.
  • Cats seem to celebrate a couple's negative pregnancy result.

You searched for: pregnant